Sincere And Unbiased Review of Top 5 Portable Washing Machines

Even though, today the world moves at a much faster pace with innovative technological advancements that have changed the face of the earth completely, yet, every household has a set of fixed laundry days which we all wince at the thought of because doing a week or 2 weeks laundry can be a strenuous and demanding task. Recent statistics highlight a decline in the extended family system thus leading to a rise in the nuclear family system which indicates that the members per household have profoundly dropped. Reasons for this change can be anywhere from maintaining a good standard of living to a decline in marriage rates or the perks of living in an independent household. Either ways, our set of household chores still remain a big challenge in our urban lifestyles with laundry being one of the most loathed chores of all.

Washing Machine – A Necessity

Washing machines have become a necessity in today’s urban living lifestyles. They also mark the transition from primitive ways of washing clothes to newer more advanced ways. Over the years, people have started to rely more and more on electrical washers and it is no surprise that there has been extensive development in the industry.

Top 5 Washing Machines That Are Worth Buying

Finding the best washing machine was really a time consuming job but thanks to our research team who read washing machine reviews and did market survey just to make the buying decision easier for you. Following are top 5 portable washing machines. You must buy any of these machines instead of looking at every machine available in the market.

  1. Haier HLP21N Portable Washer
  2. Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Washer
  3. Panda Portable Washing Machine
  4. Sonya Portable Compact Small Laundry Dryer
  5. Danby DWM17WDB Portable Washing Machine

Following are detailed washing machine reviews highlighting the key features of each washing machine.

Portable Washing Machines
Brand Name
Item Weight
Product Dimensions
Check AT Amazon
Haier-HLP21N-Pulsator-1-Cubic-Foot-PortableHaier57.8 pounds36 x 23.2 x 23.2 inches28 litersWhite$$$See At Amazon
Haier-HLP21N-6-6-Pound-Pulsator-StainlessHaier43 pounds20 x 20 x 32.5 inches6.6 cubic_feetWhite$$$See At Amazon
Panda-Compact-Portable-Washing-CapacityPanda33 pounds26 x 21.5 x 16.3 inches7lbsWhite$$$See At Amazon
Sonya-Apartment-110vstainless-TransparentSonya48 pounds27.5 x 23.8 x 17.2 inches 8.8lbsWhite$$$See At Amazon
Danby Portable-Washing-MachineDanby70 pounds21.6 x 21.4 x 33.9 inches11 lbsWhite$$$See At Amazon

Haier HLP21N Portable Washer


Haier is a great name when it comes to washing machines and other electrical equipment. The best thing about Haier machine is their good quality and effectiveness. Following is a brief overview of Haier HLP21N Portable Washer


Digital Controls: The LED indicators on the electronic control panel are easily understandable, and clearly display the status of your wash cycles. They also indicate when your cycle comes to an end. The water levels are controlled electronically according to the Wash cycles which vary from High to Low and Normal to Quick Wash thus allowing you to wash your clothes according to your preferences by customizing the modes.

Quiet operation: This compact unit operates quietly as it indicates your cycles start and end through LED lights. There is a minimum noise of 8 Sones of the pulsator, guaranteeing a thorough wash without any disturbing noises. Thus, you and the neighbors can enjoy the peace and quiet of your home during laundry hours.

The lint filter: The Haier HLP21N comes attached with a lint filter that entraps lint during washing, leaving your clothes lint-free and fresh. This compactable feature can also be easily removed and emptied after every wash cycle or as it fills up.

Has a stainless steel Tub: Some people may doubt the effective running of this small but powerful washer, however, the stainless steel tub is durable and can handle a load of up to 6lbs which equals 10 large men size shirts or a full load of toddlers clothing. In addition to this, it also features three wash cycle options which help you save water and wash your laundry according to how soiled they are thus, fulfilling your specific wash needs. Another distinguishable feature of this stainless steel tub is that it is rust resistant and can handle large loads that other portable washing machines can’t.


I highly recommend this washer after evaluating its features and specifications.

Haier HLP21N 6.6-Pound Pulsator Washer


Haier is a reliable brand when it comes to a washing machine that is why most of the people prefer Haier washers instead of washers manufactured by other companies.


The major features of this portable washing machine are mentioned as follows in order to increase your awareness about this unit.

Portable And Light Weighted: Since a washing machine is not a purchase you tend to make regularly, finding the perfect one to suit your preferences is important from the beginning. Thus, with the Haier HLP21N Washing machine, your laundry crises are well contained. This state of the art Haier appliance will not only relieve you of the burden of a week or so long laundry basket but with its compact size and easy to learn controls, you will be able to work with this machine without much difficulty and by placing this equipment around the house at your convenience.

More Capacity: Its compact size fits into any limited space and its portable nature allows its user to move it around their living quarters according to their convenience. Furthermore, its large drum can wash up enough laundry in one go. Therefore, this Washer will never let you down.

Require Minimum Space: It’s not just about saving time and cutting costs; people have also been looking for smaller more compact and portable washers to fit their restricted accommodation areas in a predominantly urban society. Hence, with the Haier Washer your laundry is well taken care of.

Come with a User Manual: Whether it’s your first washer or second one, either ways buying a washing machine is not a child’s play and so knowing what your washer has to offer to you in terms of its durability and features is very important. This washer comes with a detailed and easy to read manual in order to help you in installing and using it efficiently and effectively.


After evaluating this state of the art portable appliance, I have come to a conclusion that it is in-fact best washing machine especially for small household units. It’s variety of novel features, cost effectiveness and functionality allows a heavy load to get washed in standard time leaving clothes fresh and clean.

Panda Portable Washing Machine


Technological advances in household appliances have helped make household chores less demanding. For instance, fast and effective washing machines have taken over the market allowing people to do laundry in a much more cost and time effective manner with outstanding results. One such machine is Panda portable washing machine.


Following paragraphs highlight the specifications of this portable washing machine.

Compact Design: Purchasing the right washing machine to perfectly fit your living standards and preferences is highly important. And thus in today’s fast moving competitive world, the Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine will prove to be a true friend. This highly dignified semi-automatic machinery is one of a kind with its compact portable nature and light weight which allows you to carry it around your living accommodations as you please. Furthermore, the twin tubs work as a combo giving optimal wash cycles and powerful spin cycles.

Highly Efficient: This machine is highly efficient in washing all types of dresses. In addition it gives extraordinary results post washing and the interesting thing is that it does not take much time in laundry.

Save Money on Electricity: This machine allows you to closely regulate and monitor your wash cycles and their durations. This inevitably ends up cutting down on your electricity bills. There is also no extra need for getting special electrical adjustments made as this high tech washing machine can be attached to an 110Volts outlet for effective use.


Over all, its novel features and durable nature along with cheap price, combined together makes the Panda Washer an irresistible appliance.

Sonya Portable Compact Small Laundry Dryer

Sonya Apartment Portable machine

Even though the Sonya Dryer may be your savior in the cold weather, but before you decide to buy this outstanding appliance, you must identify with other innovative features that it offers to you. Thus, following is a thorough review of this one of a kind dryer.


Tub specifications: This unique dryer comes with a stainless steel tub which is rust resistant and less maintenance.  But don’t let the small size deceive you for this spacious 2.8 cu. ft tub can easily dry out sheets and quilts proficiently within reasonable time.

Highly Reliable And Efficient: Customer reviews are a great source of feedback for buyers who prefer purchasing appliances from online retail stores since there is no other way to guarantee that the product is worth buying. Customer reviews for this product shows that it is highly reliable, durable and efficient.

Reasonable Price: The price of this dryer is highly affordable and if you compare its features with its price then you will find it highly affordable.


After assessing this dynamic appliance, I have come to a conclusion that it is indeed a good addition to any household especially because of its compact and portable size which allows the user to move it around easily.

Danby DWM17WDB Portable Washing Machine

Danby Portable Washing Machine

This review provides useful information about the features of Danby DWM17WDB washing machine.


Following is a brief overview of the features of this extraordinary portable washing machine.

Quiet functioning: This innovative appliance operates quietly with minimum levels of noise due to the noise resistant plate attached at the bottom therefore  you can let a laundry load running even when you have company over.

Tub specifications: Even though its compact nature is an essential feature, don’t let it deviate you for it comes equipped with a durable stainless steel tub which is rust resistant and can carry a 5 kg load as well which allows you to wash over 10 large size men shirts in one wash cycle. Moreover, this optimal washer also comes with a safety lid which if opened during a wash cycle automatically brings the washing machine to a stop hence avoiding accidents.

Require Minimum Space: Since the Industrial Revolution, people have resorted to living in small family units. Therefore, one of the major issues of living in such accommodations is of space and so one cannot afford to keep a full fledge washer along with a dryer as well. However, your space related worries are well taken care of with the Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine as this powerful machine is available in a compact size with built in tough castors to wheel it away in a closet once you are done with your laundry load.


Online shopping is always a gamble however, customer feedbacks can help cut down on the uncertainty associated with buying an appliance. After reviewing customer feedbacks and evaluating the product’s features thoroughly, I can say with much added certainty that the Danby Washer is a much liked product worldwide.

Portable Washing Machine Buyers Guide

The prime function of any buyers guide is to help the customer in choosing the best suited product for themselves. And since the technological industry is fast advancing, people have to go through a lot of hassle to pick out the appliance that will be their companion for long. Investing in a product which you will not only find convenient but will also cherish is highly important. In this case, the following pointers would be adequately able to help you pick out the best portable washing machine.

Washer Styles-Top-Load or Front-Load: Before deciding on any other factor related to your portable washing machine, it is essential that you decide the kind of washer style or loading option that will suit you best. Even though a top loader may be less energy efficient, it costs cheaper and places well in small compact spaces such as those regularly found in apartments. However, on the other hand, front loading machines come with better wash cycles, and economical energy ratings. Their powerful spin cycle requires less drying time as compared to that of a top loading portable washing machine. However, it is nonetheless expensive with space constraints. Even though both have their own set of pros and cons, a common factor between the two is that, both tend to wash clothes effectively and cleanly.

Washer Capacity & Physical Size: Unlike the standard washing machine, your portable washer is compact and best suited for small loads. Its major attraction is its ability to fit into the smallest of spaces however; this feature has its drawbacks as well such as the fact that you cannot do bigger loads. The washer’s capacity is determined by the size of the interior drum which may vary manufacturer wise, thus it’s highly recommended that you check whether the washer’s capacity matches your laundry load before buying.

Installation Considerations: Another thing to properly scrutinize is the washer’s installation. A portable washing machine, as the name suggests does not require any permanent installation. Thus the only thing that you need to consider is the size of the inlet and outlet hoses which may create hindrance if too small or not strong enough. Therefore, it is recommended that you measure the path of the inlet and outlet hoses in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere where you will most likely be placing your washer. Moreover, your portable washing machine only requires a standard 120 Volts socket to work however; you need to make sure the wiring of your living quarters is strong.

Energy and water Efficiency: The front load washing machine is said to be water as well as energy efficient however it is not s compliant as a washer and spinner combination. There are also many other tricks to determine a decent water and energy bill at the end of the month such as using a low water level, a short wash cycle or even cold temperature.

Appliance Finish Options: Like any other appliance in your home, your portable washing machine also requires you to properly choose its colors and textures to compliment the rest of your living quarters. Bold colors may attract too much attention to it. Moreover, pebbled textures can easily help hide scratches and marks. Also consider replacing your old dryer when you go to buy a new washer, since it may look odd in the combination although, it is always best to get a spinner and washer combo.

Price Considerations: The whole concept of a potable washing machine is its efficiency in not only performance and space but also price. Different manufacturers may price their washer differently; yet, the portable washing machine is still much more economical than standard washers since it is made to cater small intimate families or couples that cannot afford a standard washer.

Other features: Other features to check when buying a portable washing machine is the maneuverability of the caster wheels, the inner washing tub’s material, display, control panel and noise levels. The only way to get the best of all these factors is by comparing different washers with each other before settling on one.

Take Buying Decision Carefully

Because of the recent crowding of portable washing machines in the market, people have started to come across many models of the same company. However, even if the manufacturer may vary, more or less all portable washing machines have similar functions yet of different levels. To pick out the best washing machine, hopefully the above discussed guide will prove helpful.