Haier HLP21N 6 pound

The Haier HLP21N is amongst the best portable washing machine as it promises to take away your laundry crisis.Since washing machines are not a purchase you make regularly, getting the right one to suit your preferences is highly important.

The Haier HLP21N Overview:

Since washing machines are not a purchase you make regularly, getting the right one to suit your preferences is highly important. Following is an in depth and extensive review of what the Haier HLP21N has to offer to you.

Compact and portable: Since it is only one third the size of a standard washing machine, the Haier HLP21N can easily fit into small spaces and compact areas such as broom closets, RVs and even boats. Its portable nature at only 43 pounds allows its user to place the washer at their own convenience with the help of 4 tough castor wheels that come attached to the washing machine at the time of purchase. Another exciting feature in this innovative washing machine is that of adjustable leveling legs which allows the user to adjust the washer on uneven surfaces. All it requires is a standard 120 Volts socket to function thus adding to its compact nature and portability.

Tub specifications:This powerful washer comes equipped with a spacious stainless steel tub which is rust resistant as well as has the capacity to wash a cubic foot of laundry in one wash cycle. The tub also comes with a removable lint filter to protect your clothes from lint and also has an installable muffling plate which controls the noise level of the washer when it is in operation. Moreover, this high tech washer unlike standard washers uses a pulsator system which cuts down on the tugging and pulling of clothes thus protecting your clothes and cleaning them perfectly.

Electrical controls: This state of the art washer also comes with a highly advanced yet user friendly control pad through which you can choose between three automatic wash cycles and 3 water levels which you can also customize according to the needs of your clothes. There is also a button for delayed start which allows you to do your laundry when you are not around and also has a pause button through which you can check up on your clothes even mid cycle. The Haier HLP21N also comes with LED lights which clearly indicate the status of your wash cycle and also when the cycle is complete and your clothes need to be removed.

The Pros and Cons of buying the Haier HLP21N:


  • Lightweight.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Durable tub.


  • Limited spaces as compared to other portable washers.
  • Rattling sound heard during spin cycle.
  • Only one inlet hose connection.

What do customers say about the Haier HLP21N:

Customer feedbacks are a great source of information for online shoppers since they are already risking buying the appliance without properly scrutinizing it thus; customer feedbacks help them get an in-depth analysis of the machine in a working environment. Of the 189 customer feedbacks that this appliance did receive, over 50% people awarded it with 5 stars which highlight a genuinely praiseworthy appliance. Users commented on its durable nature and how it has managed to cut down on their laundry load. However, there were some that complained about the one inlet hose through which they had to manually determine the temperature of the wash and rinse cycles.


The Haier HLP21N comes equipped with unique state of the art features which makes this innovative technology standout in a crowd. Even though it is a bit heavier than other portable washing machines, it still manages to wash a bigger load in decent time. Thus, if you are looking for a portable, durable and practical washer, then the Haier HLP21N is the perfect option for you.  Compared to other portable washing machines, you can also find this washer at a cheap $265 price on Amazon.