Portable Washing machines are incredibly helpful, convenient and simple to-use in houses and are used to clean clothes. You can easily place portable washing machine anywhere you want because of its caster wheels and portability. If you are using portable washing machines for the first time, then no need to worry because it is very easy to use and clean. Below are mentioned following important instructions that an individual must keep in mind before washing clothes in Portable washing machine:

  1. Before Washing, Separate Garments.

When you are using your portable washing machine for cleaning your clothes, then you must separate your clothes. While putting clothes in washing machine, separate light colored clothes from dark clothes. If a shirt is light and contains prints in dark color then you must have to simply keep it with the lights. The same has to be done for dull garments with light outlines.

Remember that all clothes are not washed together in portable washing machine. Few clothes are delicate and contain a very thin fabric that could be agitated or some clothes may contain sensitive designs and embroidery; individuals do not wash these clothes in portable washing machine. Many garments can be cleaned easily by machine wash, but if there are certain doubts in your mind, then you need to check the tags on your clothes that whether it has recommended hand wash just or a dry clean.

  1. Adjust the Water Temperature in Your Portable Washing Machine:

You are required to set water temperature in your portable washing machine as per your requirement of hot or cold water.

  1. Wash Cycles:

The wash cycle figures out how quick the garments spin in the washer and to what extent the washer runs for. Although some portable washing machines have various wash cycles, the three essential settings that all portable washing machines have and you must know are:

  • Regular Cycle:

This cycle is the longest of the three cycles and it is normally best for dirtied clothing. The regular cycle washes and rinses clothes with a quick cycle, so the fabrics remain safe from agitation. Clothing made from using cotton and linen as well as from synthetics, is suitable for a regular cycle.However, towels and bedclothes are safe to use in regular cycles.

  • Permanent Press Cycle:

With the use of permanent press cycle, clothes do not get wrinkled easily. This cycle washes garments on a quick setting and rinses them on slow setting. The whole cycle runs for a short time period, which reduces wrinkling and creases on fabrics.

  • Delicate Wash Cycle:

The delicate wash cycle runs for a short time period than a normal cycle, and it washes clothes slowly and rinses in slow speed as well. This lessens wear on the fabrics, making the cycle perfect for clothing with thin fabrics. It is additionally helpful for loose woven clothing, for example, sweaters, as it doesn’t extend the material.

  1. Set the Time:

You have to set the time for 60 minutes to an hour and a half that depends on the condition of your clothes that how dirty are they?

  1. Pour Detergent:

Now pour the detergent in appropriate quantity in order to remove dirt from your clothes.

  1. Clean Your Portable Washing Machine:

It is very important that after washing your clothes, you must clean it with fresh water and then with a dry cloth. This will increase its durability and maintains its performance. As portable washing machines are easy to move from one place to another, so place it in dry and closed area in order to keep it away from water and sunlight.