Following is a detailed description of Koblenz LCK 50 washing machine.

Koblenz LCK50 Overview:

Online retail shopping can be tricky especially since the product is unavailable to be checked and scrutinized physically. Therefore, customers tend to rely heavily on product features to make a decision. Following is an analytical overview of the Koblenz LCK50’s novel features.

Compact and portable: Only weighing 25.5 pounds makes this powerful washer easy to carry and move around at your convenience around your living quarters. Moreover, its tall frame is well suited for small clogged areas as it can easily squeeze into them thus making it a perfect choice for people living in limited space accommodations.

Tub specifications: The Koblenz LCK50 comes fully equipped with a large size polypropylene tub which will not rust even if it is stored in damp environments. There is also a water level indicator inside the tub which reduces the chances of a water overflow cyclonic dust cup. On the top, there is a wide washtub opening which enables the user to easily load and unload their laundry.

Heavy Load: Since this washer does not use a central agitator but instead uses an impeller, therefore it can hold up to 3kgs of laundry which is more than what standard portable washers can carry. Also,the absence of a spinning drum adds more space to the washer.

Electrical timer:This compactable washer also comes with easy to use controls and an automatic timer which can be set up to 15 minutes. For most people this is a very short cycle if compared to a standard size washing machine.

Gravity drain feature:There is also a 3 foot long drainage pipe in the Koblenz LCK50 which relies heavily on gravity to empty out the water from the washer. It only needs to kept close to a sink or shower stall where the pipe can be dropped directly into the drainage portal thus leading to mess free and clean laundry sessions.

Pros and Cons of buying the Koblenz LCK50:


  • User friendly controls.
  • Comes equipped with a reversible action impeller.
  • Can handle up to 3kgs of laundry load.
  • Quieter operation.


  • Labor intensive: will need to manually add water into the washer through a tub or hand pipe.
  • Does not come with a spinner so you will need to wring clothes at the end of every cycle.
  • Short power cord.
  • Uses over 15 gallons of water.

What customers say about the Koblenz LCK50:

Customer feedback is the second most important research tool when shopping online and in some cases it is rendered as the first most important tool. After going through many customer feedbacks, I found a tie between negative and positive feedbacks. Some people were extremely pleased with the compact and portable nature of the washer while others heavily criticized the lack of a spinner and proper fill in and drainage hoses. Nonetheless, of the 22 reviews that this washer received, 30% people gave it 5 stars who claimed to be extremely content with the washer and its features.


Technically this American manufactured product was made to be sold for washing mop heads and rags thus it lacks a lot of the features found in other standard portable washing machines such as an automatic system and an in built spinner to wring clothes. However, it has still proven to be quite effective to people living in campsites, RV inhabitants and apartment spaces who are particularly content with its compact size and portability. Furthermore, this item can be purchased on Amazon for $173 which is quite cheap compared to other standard portable washers in the market and also proves to be an important factor for buyers.

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