Every sharp buyer before making a purchase looks at what the equipment has to offer. Therefore, following is a thorough overview of this state of the art washing machine.

Panda Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Overview:

Following is a brief overview of different features this washing machine possesses.

Compact and Portable: This outstanding appliance only weighs 28 pounds thus making it easy to carry around the household and it also comes with a long 54 inches drain hose and a 43 inches inlet hose which allows water to easily fill up and drain into a sink or tub.

Water and electricity saving: As a semi automatic machine does not require a full tub to wash clothes, you can determine the amount of water you add to the washing tub. Moreover, you can easily reuse the water for an upcoming second load for example the rinse water of the former load can be used as the washing water for the upcoming load.

Dual use: The twin tubs can be easily used simultaneously at the same time thus accommodating two loads at once and saving time, electricity and water. Another distinguishing feature of the twin tubs is that you have the facility to determine which clothes need to be dried in the spinner and which don’t. Moreover, at 1300 RPM the spin leaves clothes such as jeans and towels quite dry only needing to be aired a little.

Easy to use: Some people strongly believe that the lesser the knobs the easier the deed which goes well with this compatible washer as it is highly user friendly allowing the user to customize their wash cycles according to their preferences rather than figuring out different buttons for each mode.

Pros and Cons of Buying the Haier HLP21N


  • Can be easily shifted around the household.
  • The powerful spinning tub leaves clothes slightly damp, enough to only require adequate airing.
  • Saves water, electricity and time


  • Can become arduous having to shift clothes from the wash tub to the spinner.
  • Even though the Panda Washing Machine is compactable and potable, a single tub would require less space comparatively.
  • The agitator system can prove to be rough on the clothes also leaving the clothes tangled.

What Customers Say About Panda Portable Washing Machine?

Customer reviews are a great source of understanding the workings and effectiveness of any appliance especially those bought online. Therefore, I also read many customer reviews to gain valuable insight on the Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine. In all, most users were fairly happy with their washer due to its distinguishing novel features such as a strong spinner, cost effectiveness in terms of electricity, detergent and water, and easy to move around because of its compact and portable design. On the other hand, there were some unhappy customers as well, complaining about the small size of the dryer which would not effectively dry a complete wash load in one go and also because of its semi automatic nature. There were others that criticized the high levels of noise produced because of the agitator and the absence of a lint filter. Nevertheless, of the 213 feedbacks this machine received, over 50% scored 5 stars, however it is not an average score.


Even though the Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine did not receive many 5 stars in its feedback, it is nonetheless a portable and durable washer with a strong spinner. Also it is the perfect choice for anyone who is planning to cut down on their budgets over electricity, water and detergent. Moreover, semi automatic washers are comparatively cheaper than automatic washers such as Amazon is offering this appliance at $230, however there are many other online retail shops which are selling it at cheaper rates. Also its portable and compact disposition is ideal for RVs’, college students and people living in apartments.