Over the years, the art of doing laundry has evolved greatly. Once upon a time, Laundromats were considered convenient and easy however in more recent times, people have moved on to separate washing units to help them save time and money which would otherwise be spent in using a community Laundromat. When it comes to laundry then Midea washer is currently known to be one of the best washers.

Midea Washer Overview:

Following is a detailed overview of the Midea Washer’s novel features.

Compact yet spacious: This high tech washing machine is not only compact and perfect for small living accommodations with a top loading design; but unlike regular portable washers, is also quite spacious by holding up to 20 pounds of clothing easily which means it can effortlessly and thoroughly wash 5 to 6 pairs of medium size jeans at a 800rpm spin speed.

Digital Controls: The Midea Washer is an automatic appliance with LED controls on its top. These controls highlight a variety of options to regulate 6 different wash cycles and 3 different water temperatures which let you wash your clothes according to a combination that fits your preferences. Moreover, it comes equipped with a Delay- start function key which allows you to set your machine to work at a preset time when you are not around.

Portable nature: Unlike standard washing machines, this state of the art washer comes equipped with smooth rolling castors which help you move your washer into a cupboard or around the house at your convenience. However, its heavy weight would add some physical exertion to your daily schedule.

Tub specifications:This powerful washer comes equipped with a stainless steel spacious tub which is rust resistant furtheradding to its durability factor and can accommodate a heavy load in a go thus cutting down on your laundry days.

Easy installation and quite operation: The Midea washer comes geared with easy installation fill in and drainage pipes which would inevitably cut down on your plumber’s cost. There are a variety of pipes included in the packaging to help you pick out the one that easily fits your tub or sink’s faucets for cold and warm water separately. Moreover, at 72dB the noise level is well contained thus permitting you to set a wash cycle even if you’re having a dinner party.

Pros and Cons of buying the Midea Washer:


  • Accommodates more clothes as compared to any other portable washer.
  • Affordable price.
  • 2 in 1, powerful washer and dryer.


  • Overall weighs 160 pounds.
  • Has only 2 castor wheels which means wheeling it around on carpets and tile floors adds to the physical exertion of moving the washer around your house.
  • Only well fitted for small household systems.

What customers have to say about the Midea Washer:

People gave an overall positive feedback commenting on its large tub which can wash many clothes in a go unlike other portable washers and the fact that it comes equipped with a powerful spinner as well which dries out the clothes after they have been washed. In spite of the positive reviews that this compact unit received, there were some who complained about the washer’s heavy 160 pounds weight which made moving it around the household laborious especially on carpeted and tiled surfaces.


After thoroughly evaluating the Midea Washer, I have come to a conclusion that it is one of the finest portable washing machines in the market at the moment that is also priced impeccably at $190 according to Amazon which is a much cheaper price compared to other portable washers available. However, I would also suggest you to check other online retailers who may be selling at cheaper rates.

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