The market for washing machines is vast and quite widespread which can make one confused when going to purchase a washer. Especially when shopping online because the product is not physically in front of you. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly go through its features in order to match your preferences better.

Smart+ Products SPP55AW Overview:

Following is an overview of the innovative features this outstanding machinery has to offer.

Tub design: Unlike other portable washers, this one comes with an exceptionally big and spacious tub with the capacity of 1.65 cubic feet that can wash up to 12 pounds of laundry in one load. Moreover, it is a stainless steel tub which means it is rust resistant and durable. Another grand feature of this automatic machine is its Bi-Fold Lid with child proof settings which sound an alarm and immediately drains the water if the lid is tampered with or opened during a wash cycle.

Easy installation: The Smart+ Products SPP55AW can connect easily and quickly to any sink or tub with the help of the best fit fill in and drain hoses and a faucet adaptor which comes along with the washer. Moreover, the unit plugs into any 110 Volts standard socket easily without the added hassle of getting new electrical connections.

Fully automatic:The touch pad on top of the washer allows you to select from between 10 water levels, 3 water temperature selections and 4 wash programs to get a perfect combination for your customized wash cycle. There are also added controls on top for pausing the cycle which permit you to check on your clothes during a wash cycle. Moreover, this extraordinary washer also comes with a delay start feature which lets you run a wash cycle at a later hour when you are not around.

Pros and Cons of buying the Smart+ Products SPP55AW:


  • Noise controlled through the damper plate attached at the bottom of the washer.
  • Easily customize your wash cycles.
  • Built in spin cycle.


  • Cheap quality hoses.
  • Only suitable for small compact households.
  • Cheap plastic casters.

What do customers have to say about the Smart+ Products SPP55AW:

Customer feedback is essential for all online buyers as it helps them to make a better purchasing decision. It also helps to properly determine the durability and practicality of the appliance before deciding to buy it. Therefore, I too went through many customer feedbacks in order to derive a meticulous evaluation of the Smart+ Products SPP55AW. Over all, the results were quite positive. People were pleased with their washer and praised its functionality and practicality as it suited their preferences well. The only criticism this appliance did receive was over its cheap quality fill in and drainage hoses and cheap plastic castor wheels which were not feasible for carpeted or tiled floors.


As the name suggests, the Smart+ Products SPP55AW Washing Machine is a smart appliance with many novel and unique features such as its array of wash programs, water level and temperature controls and spacious stainless steel tub regardless of its compact size. Therefore after evaluating this state of the art appliance in great depth, I have come to a conclusion that the Smart+ Products SPP55AW is indeed a great addition to any small household. If you are looking for a compact, durable, practical and portable washing machine that comes with the added incentive of doing at home laundry, then this is indeed the best choice for you. However, at Amazon you may find it at a high price of $450, I would recommend you to check other online retail stores as well before settling.