Portable washing machines have proven effective and efficient despite their compact size. The Sonya Compact Washing Machine is a perfect example of a portable washer. Its spacious tub, variety of automatic functions and portable nature allows you convenient washing within the comfort of your homes.

Sonya Compact Portable Apartment Small Washing Machine Overview:

Most portable washing machines come with a set of basic functions and features however, only a few distinguishably superior washers get high ratings. Therefore, before settling on any washer one must thoroughly go through its novel features to suit ones preferences. Following is a detailed overview of what the Sonya Compact Washing Machine has to offer you.

Compact and Portable: The Sonya Compact Portable Washing Machine is great for limited space accommodations such as cabins, apartments and yachts especially because its light weight at 50 pounds and built in castors allow you to move it around your household easily. Moreover, its compact nature works well for storing it in closets once you are done with your laundry.

Tub features: This mini washing machine is not so mini as its stainless steel tub is rust resistant and can hold up to 12 pounds of laundry which means 5 pairs of medium sized jeans in one wash cycle. The spindle in the center of the washing compartment does not let the clothes tug or tangle making it perfect for washing delicate materials as well.

User friendly controls: The top consists of a variety of LED lit controls which marks 6 different wash cycles and 10 different water levels for you to choose from allowing you to customize your wash cycle according to your clothes.

Easy to install: This dynamic washer comes fully equipped with long fill in and drainage hoses that you can hook up to any water faucet in a sink or a tub easily without needing to roll around your washer too much.Also, it only requires a standard 110V socket thus cutting down on your electrician’s bill.

The Pros and Cons of buying The Sonya Compact Portable Washing Machine:


  • Rust resistant tub.
  • Light weight.
  • Affordable; cuts down water, detergent and electricity costs.


  • Only hold up to 12 pounds of clothes.
  • Poor quality fill in and drainage hoses.
  • Expensive than most other portable washers.

What do customers have to say about The Sonya Compact Portable Washing Machine?

Customer feedbacks are valuable insights by people who are already using the appliance. And thus these genuinely help in making the right decision especially when online shopping is concerned. After going through many feedbacks, the results I generated were quite positive. Out of the 19 reviews that the Sonya Washing Machine received, 65 percent people rated it at 5 stars and only 13% people gave it 1 star. Most people were content with the clean and freshly washed clothes despite its small size and were more than happy with its portable nature. On the other hand, some people complained about its poor quality castors and hoses.


After extensively evaluating the Sonya Washing Machine, I can say with guarantee that it is indeed a relief from recurring trips to the Laundromat and will leave you with cleaner clothes without the use of excessive water and detergent. Moreover, its compact size is great for small households and its novel features such as user friendly controls and spacious tub allow you the convenience of washing a large load in standard time. Thus I highly recommend this innovative machinery as it fulfils all the major functions of a standard washer. You may find it at a higher price of $430 on Amazon but it is recommended that you go through other online retail stores as well if you are looking for a cheaper price.